My name is Trevor C. Nicolle and I am full service real estate agent in Toronto. My philosophy and obligation is to put clients first and do whatever it is I have to do to sell/buy a house based on what my clients needs are. Accomplishing this is not an easy task, and aligning myself with the right partners has been the foundation to my success in this extremely competitive market. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to align my business with Sadiya Qureshi and Wendy Mortson from the Property Stagers. Staging a house “properly” is one of the most important tools a Realtor can utilize when a Realtor decides to bring staging into the selling process. When a home/client will benefit from staging for my clients, I call the Property Stagers. At our first meeting with the client Sadiya and Wendy arrive with enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism which immediately becomes a reflection of my business. Sadiya and Wendy are reliable, trustworthy and well informed in today’s competitive market. There are many staging companies out there, some of which I have used, but my experience with the Property Stagers has been hands down, one of the best partnerships I have secured. I have one example of a house that we recently staged; I watched Sadiya, Wendy, and their team members stand in front of a blank wall for over 5 minutes, pondering. I had to ask “What are you guys doing?”. The response was clear, “Trevor, we are collectively deciding whether a piece of art would be most suitable, or a blank wall [canvas] with some accessories would be most suitable”. With my experience utilizing the Property Stagers I have realized that they are not there to just hang up pictures, place some couches and go on their way. Sadiya and Wendy care and strategically think what goes best where, and there is always an explanation as to why. I do not sell “customer service” as part of what I provide as I believe this should be my clients expectation and the Property Stagers have the same philosophy. Sadiya and Wendy go above and beyond, and I am always pleased to say I get the “WOW” factor once their work is done. I am thrilled Sadiya and Wendy have become such a resourceful tool for my business and I highly recommend this company for any staging needs. Just not when I need them!

Thank you Property Stagers!